Who We Are?

We are a team of passionate innovators working with cutting edge technology in the field of online video collaboration platforms.
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About Us

FaceWebinar is born on an idea to push the boundaries of ordinary conversional video conferencing software standards using state-of-the-art technologies to implement a quick launching and simplified platform shared -as-a-service.

Our team has years of experience and knowledge in web base communication applications and designs. We work and share our new innovations closely with a group of users representing different industries to transform real time application communications around the world.

Passion, creativity and ambitious are our values driving us every day.

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Passion About Work

Our team consists of experienced industry qualified developers specialising on in-house developments of communication products based on real time browser technologies.

Product Highlights

  • Video & Audio chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • Works on Low Bandwidth
  • File Sharing
  • Multi Party Conference
  • Secure Communication


Meetings Hosted.


Active Customers.


Screens Shared.



What is Facewebinar?

Facewebinar is WebRTC based full communication tool which provides ability to communicate anywhere any time using really low bandwidths.

Is there a time limit on my call?

No there is no time limit to your call. Facewebinar doesn't impose how long your conversations should last.

What do I have to download?

For all our solutions, you do not have to download any software or plug-ins, or use specific hardware! You just need Google Chrome or Firefox browser.

I love this Application! Can you customize this for my business?

Yes we customize Facewebinar for our clients. Please connect with us for Quote Price.

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